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Female Urination Device

What is a Female Urination Device – How to use it

What is a Female Urination Device( FUD)?

Female urination devices (FUD), also known as pee funnels, meaning that you don’t have to give up your dignity to answer the call of nature. FUDs are straw- or funnel-shaped plastic extenders that, despite their name, allow anyone without a penis to pee in the outdoors the way everyone prefers: while standing and wearing pants, a climbing harness, or a backpacker’s hip belt.

FUDs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so we enlisted the help of a fearless thru-hiker to see which ones were convenient, portable, and spill-proof—and which weren’t (let’s just say she did a lot of laundries).

Squatting is the most common method of peeing in the woods, but it is not the only method. Many women have resorted to a lesser-known alternative: the female urination device, also known as a pee funnel. Though they come in a variety of shapes and sizes, these devices all have one thing in common: they all allow women to pee while standing up. The majority of FUDs are reusable and made of either flexible silicone or hard plastic. Some are disposable and made of cardboard, which folds flat for discreet storage. All are intended to be carried in your pack and used on the trail as needed.

How to use it?

You simply unzip your pants and move your underwear to the side or pull it down from the front with a FUD. You then place the FUD over your private area to create a tight seal and prevent leakage. Then you must unwind and begin peeing. Control your flow carefully so that you don’t overflow the device’s funnel. When you’re finished, simply rinse the FUD with a little water from your water bottle to clean it. Then shake it dry, put it back in its storage pouch, and stash it in a convenient location in your pack.

How to use a Female Urination Device


POP open the FUD by gently pressing the top front and back.


Set aside your panties. Place the open end of the funnel/Wee Sure between your legs, directly beneath the flow area.


Tilt your hips/bend a little, make sure the funnel is tilted downwards, and pee in the funnel.


Dispose of in the dustbin.

Convenience of using a Female Urination Device(FUD).

  • Convenience: Women begin using a pee funnel because it is convenient. Rather than removing layers of clothing or climbing gear, they can simply stand near a tree with their pee funnel and urinate standing up. It also adds a touch of modesty when hiking or climbing in mixed company.
  • Pee funnels come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and weights. Some are rigid plastic and retain their shape, allowing you to wear them under your clothes. They won’t collapse in the middle of the race, lowering your chances of peeing all over yourself. They will take up a lot of space in your pack because they cannot be folded.
  • Other FUDs are made of a flexible silicone that can be folded into a small container. This flexibility is great for storage, but if you squeeze them too hard, they will collapse and lose their seal. Compare models to find the best fit for your backpacking needs.
  • Cleanliness: Maintaining cleanliness in the backcountry is difficult, but necessary. You must keep yourself and your FUD clean and dry in order to avoid smelling like old urine or, worse, developing a nasty infection. Although most pee funnels are made of urine-shedding materials, you should still run water through the FUD to remove any remaining pee. Dry it before storing it inside your pack, or let it air dry by storing it in a breathable bag on the outside of your backpack.
weesure pee funnel

A Few Additional Tips From Weesure

Standing while peeing takes some practice because squatting comes naturally. Use the FUD in the shower and on short hikes or climbs to learn how to get the best fit and avoid leaks. Don’t wait until you’re 20 miles into the wilderness to discover that you can’t use the FUD without peeing all over yourself. Go and grab your Portable urination Device from Weesure and do remember to pee downwind to avoid getting splattered.

Leave No Trace: This should go without saying. Whether you squat or stand, you should follow the principles of leaving no trace by peeing at least 200 feet away from a water source, trail, or campsite. This maintains a safe distance between your waste and others on the same path.

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