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What is Period Pain?- 5 reasons you experience it.

You’re probably familiar with cramping. This is that time of the month when everything feels less happy and a little bit uncomfortable.

It’s important to think of your uterus as a large muscle (because, well, it is) that receives a lot of work during your period to understand why you get them in the first place.

The uterus responds with cramping to regulate the bleeding [during menstruation] as the uterine lining swells up throughout the course of your cycle. If you have a lot of period blood or a blood clot, your uterus may cramp to help you get rid of it.”

Painful menstrual cramps are annoying, but they’re usually ignored…until they become a problem, such as if they interfere with daily activities.

How Much Period Pain is Normal?

If you’re like most women, you’ve had to deal with period pain at some point. Mild cramping can be considered “normal,” especially when your cycle is starting. But, in an ideal world, you won’t even be aware that your period is approaching.

If you’re popping painkillers like candy on a regular basis, or if you’re in too much pain to go to work or school, there’s a problem. That kind of menstrual discomfort is unusual. Dysmenorrhea is the medical term for unpleasant periods.

Your menstrual cycle acts as a barometer for your overall health. It shows you how well  your body is nourished, how much stress you’ve been under, and how much inflammation is there in your body.

It’s critical to figure out what’s causing your hormones to go crazy so you can discover the least invasive, safest, and most effective remedy.

The good news is that natural medicine works wonders for women’s hormone disorders, and with a little investigative skills, you can solve your concerns and get back on track to wellness.

Let’s start with the causes of menstruation pain.

Causes of Period Pain

  • 1. Your Diet is Unhealthy

Vegetable oils, processed carbohydrates, sugar, and alcohol will make your periods unbearable.

These foods will set off a firestorm in your immune system due to the way they harm your cells, disrupt your hormones, and interfere with cell communication. That entails pain.

  • 2. Rising Insulin Levels

If your insulin levels are too high, you should begin making dietary modifications like eliminating sugar from your diet and focusing on veggies, protein, and healthy fats. Lowering your insulin levels requires workout, particularly resistance exercise such as weightlifting. Also, get at least 8 hours of sleep per night: Insulin resistance can be triggered by just one night of sleep deprivation.

  • 3. Your Thyroid is out of hands.

A little butterfly-shaped gland in the front of your neck is your thyroid. It produces thyroid hormone, which acts as a “spark” for  digestion, body heat production, detoxification, and ovulation. Thyroid hormone is required by every cell in your body.

An underactive thyroid can cause heavy menstrual bleeding. Unfortunately, many women with hypothyroidism go undiagnosed since the usual screening test does not reveal all the symptoms.

  • 4. You might be full of toxins.

Did you know that even low-level chemical and environmental pollutants exposure can lead to period disorders, cancer, and reproductive issues?

It’s a sad reality, but it’s the truth. Endocrine disruptors are compounds that imitate hormones and affect our hormonal (endocrine) system.

  • 5. Stop Smoking

It goes without saying that smoking is harmful to one’s health.  Smoking even one cigarette each day increases the likelihood of uncomfortable periods. And the earlier you start smoking, the more painful your periods will be.

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