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Let’s Talk about Weesure

Weesure is dedicated to Pregnancy, Ovulation, Family Planning, and free ovulation tracker app to track your fertile days to plan or avoid unwanted pregnancy.

We are committed to assisting women in becoming pregnant more quickly and organically.

Weesure is a simple, effective, and economical ovulation prediction app that is unique and original. It is a simple, effective, and affordable option for all women who are attempting to conceive.

Weesure has consistently acted as a game changer in the field of women’s reproductive health.

The software includes an intelligent reader for ovulation and pregnancy testing at home.

This enables women to physically see the quantitative outcomes of their hormone fluctuations, and the revolutionary algorithm allows them to track their cycle progress.

Weesure fertility app uses inbuilt algorithms to estimate when ovulation will occur when a woman reports the start of her menstrual cycle.

The application then suggests the best time for intercourse to increase the user’s chances of becoming pregnant.

Product Line

Weesure is a company that has revolutionized how women find out the greatest news of their life by making the process easier and efficient with a revolutionary product called Weesure Pregnancy Device designed for ladies to test their pregnancy in 60 seconds without storing their urine or collecting their urine in any of the dropper/cups. The technology used to test the pregnancy result is unique, new, and a patent of Instloo Pvt. Ltd.

We aim to eliminate the tedious and unhygienic process of testing your urine by not getting your hands dirty while doing it.

Our aim is to provide sanitation and hygiene products for women keeping in mind the health and wellbeing of our customers as well as the environment.


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